C3 Alu Bag

Using a pure aluminum foil, you can generally determine the corresponding level of resistance to humidity: the thinner the aluminum foil, the greater the amount of water vapour that will be able to pass through it.
Compound foils of this type were originally developed for military uses. After a trial conducted under particularly severe conditions during the Second World War, industry also opted to use this type of high-grade foil for especially sensitive goods.

  • Over the decades, we have come up with a host of combinations for the most varied of uses, including:
  • Military packaging for long-term storage to TL 8135-0003, MIL PRF-131J, NF H 00-310.
  • Industry and export packaging to DIN 55531.
  • Protective packaging for chemical products to DIN 55531.
  • Dimensions: 560×910 mm, 450×560 mm, en 300×430 mm
  • Other sizes available on request

Hay Bag

  • All sizes available on request
  • All types of prints are possible

Private label

  • Your own print possible
  • Our “private label” bags are available in all sizes
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C3 News
C3 International continues to improve upon it's current product range with our new range of specialised reflective foils. More info will follow shortly.