C3 International Worldwide Distribution

C3 International is a leading Dutch manufacturer and supplier of foils, tapes, packaging and other tailor made products. With our headquarters being based in the Netherlands, we ship worldwide, providing our innovative products to various specialized markets. Exporting to Agriculture/ Horticulture markets, the food industry as well to Defense industries as our main client base.

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Since its formation in 1995, C3 International has continued to build its business on the same guiding principals: To meet customer expectations in product quality and design, whilst setting the benchmark for reliability and service in each of our target markets.

We understand that our future depends on our ability to maintain a consistent high level of service, which follows our founding, guiding principle; to adapt and evolve with the markets and to always fulfill our customers requirements to the highest satisfaction.

Our dynamic team of people are ready to deliver to resellers (business-to-business) by providing a shelf of high-grade products, aimed to fully meet the requirements of our customers.

We distinguish ourselves by offering outstanding value added services like providing our own transport facilities, a professional stock inventory system, private labeling, merchandising services, bar codes and even web support. (Narrow casting etc.)

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C3 International
Bremstraat 30
7161CE Neede
The Netherlands

KVK: 39060718
NATO number: H1YB7
C3 News
C3 International continues to improve upon it's current product range with our new range of specialised reflective foils. More info will follow shortly.