Packages for all purposes

C3 International is the supplier of a wide range of packaging. Ranging from cooking bags to specialized protective packaging. Tailor made, bespoke designs can all be catered for as desired.

Air Bag

  • For the keeping of valuables like electronic products and glasswork
  • All sizes possible

Black Bottom Zipper Bag

  • For pet food packaging and other pusposes
  • Max length: 600mm
  • Width: customizable

Cooking Bag

  • To roast chicken and other meat products in the oven or microwave
  • Other name: Turkey bag
  • Max width: 500 mm

Large Size Zipper Pouch

  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm

Space Bag

  • For keeping daily necessities like quilts and clothes
  • Max length: 1000mm
  • Max width: 700mm
C3 International
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C3 News
C3 International continues to improve upon it's current product range with our new range of specialised reflective foils. More info will follow shortly.